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Mr. Spencer Leak, Jr., Vice President, Leak & Sons Funeral Homes, Chicago and Country Club Hills, Illinois
April 30, 2012

Spencer Leak, Jr. is a third generation funeral director and head of a family business with a tradition of community service spanning more than half a century. Mr. Leak and Leak & Sons Funeral Homes have collaborated with the Anatomical Gift Association of Illinois for many years.

“We have excellent contacts with the AGA. We appreciate the level of co-operation that allows us to save time. For a firm our size, time and storage space are critical elements. The AGA allows us to work efficiently. We want to serve every family, even if they want to donate to the AGA.”

Mr. Leak pointed out that some funeral directors see the AGA as a competitor. “I can understand how they would see AGA as competition. The costs of the removal and the filing of paperwork require time that some funeral directors see as uncompensated. But repeat business is a factor for us. The family I help with a donation to the AGA might be a repeat customer. So we try to get that business.”

Mr. Leak discussed the financial considerations in donation. “Public assistance, when the state has the funds, provides very little toward the cost of a funeral. The state doesn’t cover much of anything. And we must provide a funeral and a casket for the small amount the state provides.” In Mr. Leak’s view, the AGA and funeral directors could work together to benefit those with limited financial resources.

To encourage more donations Mr. Leak says that people have to be better informed. “People are not aware of what takes place in an AGA donation. The AGA has been helpful in making donation as easy as possible because the body has to get there quickly. Sometimes the process of donation is delayed because of needing to get a doctor’s signature. The AGA has been willing to work with us.”

Mr. Leak’s commitment to serve families and to advance whole body donation has made him a leader in his industry and in his community.



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