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Why donate your body to AGA?

Whole body donation is the last act of generosity, acknowledging the importance of whole body donation to the careers of aspiring physicians. Donation is a gift to future generations that inspires and informs physicians and gives them access to the highest form of training, direct dissection.

Whole body donation helps to advance bio-medical research by supplying materials that quicken the pace of life-saving insights. Fields such as orthopedics, plastic surgery, bio-medical engineering, cardiology, gastroenterology gastroenterologyand pulmonary medicine have made important advancements through the use of cadavers.

Donating your body to AGA will help to train an array of medical personnel, such as Army medics, Navy corpsmen and firefighters. In addition, whole body donation benefits the training of physician assistants, dentists, physical therapists, speech pathologists and nurses. Each of these professions has improved the skill levels of its students through dissection.

Below are the two forms needed to complete your donation:

Please return these two forms to the AGA and keep a copy for your records. The AGA also recommends giving a copy to the person responsible for your final arrangements.


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